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One Light Healing Touch

Service Description

As an intuitive hands-on healer with over a decade of experience, I am trained in over 33 advanced, powerful, sacred and spiritual energetic healing techniques from traditions worldwide. Using a spiritual prayer, I energetically connect with my and your guides, working for your highest good to help release physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks and patterns that are preventing you from living your best life. This deep healing modality allows you to function from a more clear, grounded and peaceful state with a newfound sense of lightness and ease. What happens during a Hands-on Healing energy session? Each session is different. Some sessions you become so relaxed you might fall asleep. Falling asleep will not negatively impact your healing experience. Common sensations are feeling surges of energy in the body, warmth, cold, tingling or pulsating. Other common experiences are emotional releases, laughter, tears, aha-ha moments, a sense of forgiveness, recalling memories, etc. A session lasts 1 hour and is done on a massage table, fully clothed, or can be done remotely. It is important to know that inner work healing is not a one session cure-all. Because we accumulate unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs and judgements over a lifetime, it may take several sessions to get to the root and clear the negative energies that block your way to a more peaceful life. If you're experiencing a particularly challenging time in your life or are focusing on clearing specific traumas, a series of sessions may be recommended.

  • 1 hour
  • 145 US dollars
  • OM hOMe
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