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Spiritual Warrior Woman

Do you believe it is possible to transform trauma and pain into wholeness and peace?

I never believed I could heal after trauma impacted my life.  But through energy healing and trauma release techniques I have learned in over 13 years of training, I am a testament that you can not only survive, but thrive after trauma.


I am an energy healer and trauma release specialist trained in many techniques to help clients come back to wholeness and live life fully again. Energy healing works under the premise that surrounding our bodies is an energy field.  That any trauma, influence or impact to your energy field (no matter how small), if left unattended, can affect your emotional and physical well-being.

Many people will treat a physical or emotional problem without considering the block or imbalance in the flow of their energy field. It is only when you address the underlying cause in your energy field that emotional or physical pain can finally be resolved.

You deserve a life filled with joy. Contact me now to finally experience freedom from emotional pain.

About Spiritual Warrior Woman

Karen Hellman

"Those who suffered the most have the right to become the happiest."


I am a survivor of 9/11 and living proof that it is unequivocally possible to transform trauma and pain into peace. So much so, that helping others transcend their own trauma and personal pain has become my mission and purpose in life.

Bearing witness to it all, I left my body that fateful day. As an energy practitioner and body worker, I combine the tools that helped me get back into my body, to feel my feelings and to be an active participant in my own healing process to help my clients. These include techniques such as One Light Healing Touch, Family Constellation, Myofascial Release and Trauma Touch Therapy. Complimenting each other beautifully, each tool has its purpose, facilitating releases on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to help clients get back to wholeness.


Spiritual Warrior Woman


Spiritual Energy Healing

My healing services fall under four different categories. Explore the healing therapies I offer under each category below.

Karen Hellman - Spiritual Warrior Woman

Want to transcend emotional pain?

Spiritual Warrior Woman

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“Within 24 hours I felt like a completely different person - my mind was clearer than it's ever been, I feel centered and calm. I feel like I've been born into a better version of myself.”


"Blown away by Trauma Touch Therapy session. I was surprised by how my body reacted. When I came in, my chest was tight and felt anxious.  My anxiety went away and chest pain was gone by end of session."


"She is a gift from the heavens. Her ability to intuit what I cannot express, and clear it, so I can function has been invaluable."


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