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How To Prepare For Healing Work

We get asked questions from time to time about what to expect and how to best prepare for a healing session. For information on what to expect during a session, visit our services page and click on the service for more information.


I've put together some general information below to help you learn more about how to best prepare for healing work.


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Spiritual Warrior Woman
Spiritual Warrior Woman


Allow enough time to get to the session so that you are not in a rushed or frantic state. Best to arrive to the session in a calm and relaxed manner so that you can settle into the session with a clear mind which allows you to focus on the experience instead of your mind racing with other thoughts. When in a relaxed state, the body can then go into the rest and repair modes of healing.


Come with an open mind and heart. Having an intention for the session is important. Knowing what you want to move towards will help you feel more clear and empowered. When you are in a receptive state and not attached to a specific outcome, you open yourself up to positive new energy to create healing shifts in wonderful ways.


Know that every person's experience will be different. Some people will notice a dramatic shift soon after a session. Other people might notice gradual shifts over a longer period of time. How you heal is unique to you. Be kind to yourself as your body comes back into balance.


Wear comfortable clothes. It will allow the body to relax and settle into the session.


Abstain from alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours prior to your session and a few days afterwards. These substances are difficult for the body to process and can put stress on the body, mind and spirit, which can slow down the healing process and affect the results of the session.


Allow enough time for rest and sleep after your appointment. Although the session is not physical your body will need time to process and integrate what shifted. Allowing more time for rest and going to sleep earlier after the night of the session can help the body enter into relaxation mode where deeper healing, cellular repair and rejuvenation can take place.


Stay well hydrated. It is important to drink an adequate amount of water immediately following the session and for the next few days to help ground you and flush toxins from the body - this includes physical, emotional and mental toxins as your vibration shifts into a more positive state.


Look at healing from a holistic perspective. Is there something out of balance in your life that you need to take action about to create a healthy change? When things are out of balance in our lives, it can create stress and make us sick. Oftentimes healthy changes might need to be made in regards to negative self-talk, toxic relationships, family dynamics, work environment, stress levels; these can support the healing process. Making a change, no matter how small, can impact your life in a positive and powerful way, restoring balance and health to your life.


Energy work is not religious. Energy healing is based on the premise of bio-science. This views all life - big and small - as being interconnected. The modalities used helps various parts of the body/mind/spirit/emotions talk and connect with one another.


Each client is is unique, therefore everyone has different needs. It might feel as if nothing much happened on a physical level, however, the emotional/physical/spiritual/mental "behind the scenes" work that is taking place is happening on a deep and profound level. It is suggested to allow time for the body to release, process and integrate. Hands-on Healing, Myofascial Release, Trauma Touch Therapy and other clearing methods are appropriate within 1-2 weeks or sometimes less; although Akashic Records and Family Constellation sessions generally take longer to process. You will be guided by your inner wisdom to know when another session is needed or if guidance is necessary, Karen can intuit when another session is needed.

Spiritual Warrior Woman

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Spiritual Warrior Woman
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