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Spiritual Warrior Woman

Karen Hellman

For me, I did not know that living a life full of joy was possible. Maybe you can relate? Through energy healing and body work, navigating life got easier, more peaceful. I got my passion back and you can too. I want to walk with you on the path of transcending your most painful experiences into deeper understanding, clarity and peace.

I am a survivor of 9/11 and have transformed my traumatic experience into a mission of helping others transform their own. I am a certified Trauma Touch Therapist and received my training from the Colorado School of Healing Arts. Also certified as a John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist, I utilize techniques to help to release trauma and memories that are buried deep in the muscular tissues.

Karen Hellman Spiritual Warrior Woman

I am a trained facilitator in Family Constellation, which heals trauma in the family lineage. Additionally, I am also certified in Massage and Craniosacral Therapy and as an Advanced Energy Healing Practitioner in One Light Healing Touch and other modalities. After many years of Western-type therapies with limited progress, I explored other alternative therapies to rid the deep pain and memories. I experienced relief as I explored more body-centered therapies because it worked at getting to the core issues. Body focused therapies allowed my body to reconnect and communicate safely to restore balance and peace. 

True transformation happens when you take the first step and commit to healing. Ready to release the trauma that has been holding you back? If so, let's go deep and explore together to free you from the shackles that have been holding your body and mind hostage. My intention is to hold space, without judgement or anticipated outcome for my clients. I create sacred space allowing you to feel cared for, remain in your body and safe as you release old wounds, pain, triggers and experiences.

I am a native New Yorker and after living in Indiana for 7 years, I returned to Florida for a second time, making it my home again in 2022.  When you can't find me in Florida, you will find me exploring my passion for travel within the US and abroad.

Want to hear more about my journey? Listen here

Spiritual Warrior Woman

Ready to be released of your trauma? Let me be your guide

Learn more about my healing services, what to expect, and how to best prepare for our time together.

“I suffered with persistent negative energetic attachments that impacted my life. I worked with other healers throughout the years with only short lived results. Then I tried a High Frequency Energy Activation and much to my surprise, she was not only able to clear my field but it remained clear. Simply put, Karen is top in her field. Try her, you will not be disappointed!”



—  L.C., Floridia

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