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Akashic Records®

Service Description

This modality helps break patterns and blockages in many areas of life, such as personal / professional relationships, blockages with health, finances, addictions or other unhealthy patterns. Akashic Records® are the blueprints to our soul and hold stored experiences and information from lifetime to lifetime. I work with your guides and ancestors making a connection with experiences in your life to help facilitate healing and clearing at the deepest soul level. It works under the premise that some lessons are more challenging than others and helps to release the energy of the experience so the body and mind can heal. This modality powerfully shifts the energy and opens the way for more peaceful relationships, resulting in harmony and resolution Sessions last 1 hour and are done remotely. Clients report feeling clarity and deeper insight into patterns and behaviors. Why would I need an Akashic Records® Reading? As we grow we learn and oftentimes we learn the hard way, by repeating the same pattern over and over again. These lessons show in various ways - mother issues not being resolved can result in challenges with your own children and on-going difficulties with your mother; father issues may affect male relationships with a boss or intimate relationships, not trusting men or competition among siblings. Oftentimes these carry into late adulthood due to unresolved or hurt feelings from early childhood. Patterns of abuse in early life continue into adulthood in many situations - physical, sexual, emotional, self-abuse, addictive habits or all. What happens during an Akashic Record Reading? The reader accesses your Records by reciting a spiritual prayer using your full legal name. Once the records are open a dialogue will begin after you asked your question - talking as you would with a friend, only we are held n a bubble of protective light. The reader receives information from your guides. They will only provide information needed to heal what is happening in your life. Our conversation facilitates the movement of the energy allowing healing to take place on the spoken word. The Records contain vibrations of Light and when in the Records the client and reader are affected by this Light, resulting in "en-Lightenment". This becomes clear in your thoughts, feelings and emotions - the shift results in a sense of peace, calm and well-being. If you're experiencing a particularly challenging time, a series of sessions may be recommended.

  • 1 h
  • 120 US dollars
  • Done Remotely

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