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Energy Clearing for Businesses

Service Description

Enhance your business by clearing negative energies that can get in the way of your business' success. The success or failure of any business is a result of a wide variety of factors. One aspect that is often overlooked with respect to the growth or success of a business is making sure that it is clear of any energies that might be causing a negative effect. A clearing of these energies can go a long way in enhancing the positive impact of a business. Businesses and organizations are energetic systems that spread out, that transfer energy back and forth among its employees, its suppliers and clients. If there are negative energies impacting one area of the business, they can affect everyone and everything that is connected to the system. What Are Negative Energies and How Could They Be Impacting My Business? Interactions between employees, clients, suppliers and vendors generate mental and emotional energy. When negative and unresolved, they can impact your business and your bottom line. Negative Energies Could Look Like: - lackluster sales - lack of or dissatisfied clients - organizational challenges - high staff turnover - tension among employees - supplier/vendor-related issues Negative energies can affect a business and its success. They can lead to an unfavorable experience for everyone associated with the business. A business clearing provides you with details about the energies that are impacting your business' success and can help release sales blocks, create the energy of supportiveness and ease the way to better employee, client, supplier and vendor relations. What's Included In A Business Clearing Session? An energetic clearing session for your business includes the energy of the: - business name - business organization - office space or building - relationships with employees - relationships with suppliers/vendors - relationship with clients All business clearing sessions are conducted remotely making my services accessible to those worldwide. It is recommended that a business clearing for a well-established business be conducted annually. Please note: An energetic clearing will not resolve all issues and problems of a business. A clearing session only removes any outside energetic influences that may be affecting different areas of your business. Also, a business clearing does not include the management staff, employees or shareholders.

  • 1 hour
  • 285 US dollars
  • Done Remotely

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