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Energy Clearing For Home, People + Pets

Service Description

This thorough approach identifies and removes negative energies from homes, individuals and pets. Energetic attachments can impact a building and its occupants. They can impact a person's energy level, health and other physical ailments with no explanation. When attached to a home, common experiences include items being moved, lost, noises, doors being opened by themselves or feeling a presence of someone unseen. When they impact a person they can have unexplained irritability, anxiety, negativity or anger. The process includes severing energetic cords and connections and removing spirits that are negatively impacting the energy field. These sessions are conducted remotely, as I connect with the energy of your home, occupants and pets. A full session report is emailed after clearing is complete detailing the energies that were cleared and their impact. It is important to know that inner work healing is not a one session cure-all. Because we accumulate unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs and judgements over a lifetime, it may take several sessions to get to the root and clear the negative energies that block your way to a more peaceful life. If you're experiencing a particularly challenging time in your life or are focusing on clearing specific traumas, a series of sessions may be recommended.

  • 1 hour
  • 185 US dollars
  • Done Remotely

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